I will be the first to say they are bad ass and will make serious power on any combination matched to them. I was very happy to see someone take the heads I designed and do with them exactly what they where meant for. I designed the head so head porters could take them to extreme levels of efficiency. I truly didn’t expect it so soon but there it is! Bryce and Chad where instrumental in the, “Head porter” version of the Profiler 23° head. They told me what they wanted and needed and Profiler made it for them. Its now a standard part number. That’s the big advantage of having the foundry and machine shop within 100ft of me. I can do just about any MOD the customer asks for and sometimes on the fly. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.- Darin Morgan on the new Pro-Filer AIR Wolf


Hello everyone... I would like you guys to be the first to now about the New Pro Filer CNC ported AIR WOLF sbc cylinder head, developed by Dr J's Performance and Speier Racing Heads. The AIR Wolf will be offered in two sizes a 220cc intake runner and a 245cc .550 offset rocker. Our main focus during the R&D process was to develop a head that would out flow the competition and have the optimum port velocity map. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the 220cc head, the will be flow tested @ Profiler next week by Darin before we go in to CNC production. If everything goes to plan this is going to be one killer 23° head. We should be able to ship heads late October or early November. These heads will be sold exclusively through Dr. J's Performance and Speier Racing Heads.

220cc Air Wolf Technical Details
Pro-Filer Performance Casting
Material: A356 Primary Ingot Aluminum
Valve Angle: 23 Degree (Intake)
Bore Spacing: Standard SBC
Intake Port Volume: 220cc
Combustion Chamber: 64cc
Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.600
Intake Valve Diameter: 2.080
Spark Plugs: Angled .750 Reach, Gasketed
Valve Guides: Bronze Alloy
Spring Pocket: 1.625 OD Maximum
Valve Springs: Up to 1.600" Dia
Valve Seats: Ductile Steel
Intake Gaskets: Use Fel-Pro 1206 or Mr. Gasket 5812

Pro-Filer Air Wolf 220 flow numbers with 2.08 intake valve 64cc chamber

Lift/Inch Press INT EXH*
0.200 28 147 103
0.300 28 222 146
0.400 27.9 273 174
0.500 28.1 301 200
0.600 28 315 212
0.700 28.1 320 220
0.800 28 322 224
0.900 28.1 324 227
1.000 28 326 230

*no pipe on exhaust

Pro-Filer Air Wolf 220 flow numbers with 2.10 intake valve 64cc chamber

Lift/Inch Press INT EXH*
0.200 28.1 148 103
0.300 28.1 223 146
0.400 27.9 271 174
0.500 27.9 302 200
0.600 27.9 320 212
0.700 28.2 323 220
0.800 27.9 326 224
0.900 28.1 328 227
1.000 28.1 330 230

*no pipe on exhaust

Complete velocity profile:

Port velocity:
321 fps over turn
331 fps dead center choke


All heads come with TY Retainers!!

We are offering a PAC Spring/TY Retainer as an upgrade.  The standard spring package features COATED TITANIUM RETAINERS and .700 lift springs with polished outer.

AIR Wolf CNC 23º SBC

Package includes, Fully assembled with a precision 5 angle anti reversion intake valve seat & a Fully radius exhaust seat.  Stainless Steel 2.08-2.125/1.60 valves, Roller springs .700 lift, Titanium retainers, 10º locks.

Air Wolf 220cc (standard rocker) $2,295
Air Wolf 245cc (offset rocker) $2,795
Package Upgrades Add:
Titanium Valves $1,295
PAC Spring/Retainer Upgrade $425
PAC Spring ONLY Upgrade $205
Studs/Guide Plates $45

Jesel Offset Rockers

Jesel Sportsman Rockers $870
Probe Rockers* $555
Hand Finish Ports $500



Standard 1.550



Chrome Silicone



Upgrade 1.550






HYD Roller 1.437

Chrome Silicone



*Rockers requires special bolts for the stands to clear, $40 ARP kit.  You can also mill stand or existing bolts.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

sSpeier Racing Heads
Chad Speier


Dr J's Performacne
Bryce Mulvey